Dental Insurance FAQs


What is Dental Insurance Coverage?

Dental insurance coverage, or more correctly a dental benefits plan, reimburses you for certain dental insurance expenses according to written agreement. Dental insurance benefits usually are provided under a contract between your employer or union (the plan’s “sponsor”) and a dental insurance company, sometimes referred to as a third-party carrier.

Why Do Dental Insurance Rates Increase?

In general, dental insurance rates go up to reflect rising costs, increased use of benefits, or an increase in the fee charged by the dental insurance company. Sponsors sometimes reduce your dental insurance benefits to postpone rate hikes.

What are the differences between General Health Insurance & Dental Insurance Coverage?

Unlike diseases of the rest of your body, problems that affect your oral health usually are preventable, making catastrophic dental insurance coverage generally unnecessary. It is not valid to justify increases in dental insurance premiums by comparing them to escalating health care costs. Be wary of this kind of explanation.

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