Why you should Buy Dental Insurance and Search Quote for Same

Dental Insurance Quote
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As a consumer you need to make informed decisions when selecting a dental insurance coverage that’s best for you, your family or your company. It is crucial to understand the distinction between medical insurance and Dental Insurance, as well as between the various Dental Insurance Plans offered to you by insurance providers.

When most people think about health insurance, they think first about covering the costs of treatment for serious medical conditions or accidents. But there’s another type of insurance that is equally important and integral to your well-being: Dental Insurance. Dental disease is very common. Being protected with dental insurance and using it wisely should be a part of your essential safeguards for you and your family.

Unlike medical disease, which can be unpredictable and catastrophic, most dental ailments are preventable, but can be highly expensive without a good dental insurance policy in place. Therefore, it is inexcusable to do without it. Preventive care, including regular check-ups and cleaning is key to maintaining your oral health. With regular visits to the dentist these problems can be diagnosed early and treated without elaborate and expensive procedures. By purchasing dental insurance you can make your oral health a priority.

Test Your Current Dental Insurance Plan.

One or more “no” answers and you may need to reevaluate your current dental plan and seek out another provider. See if you are getting the most from your dental coverage by answering the following questions YES or NO.

YES __ NO __  My dental insurance plan provides benefits for a wide range of preventive procedures and dental services.

YES __ NO __  My current dental insurance coverage allows me and my dentist to develop a treatment plan best suited to my personal needs.

YES __ NO __  My employer offers at least one dental insurance program, which allows me to choose my own dentist.

YES __ NO __  My employer provides a clear and complete description of the dental insurance benefits programs and options available.

YES __ NO __  My employer or union evaluates employee needs before selecting the dental insurance and compensation package.

YES __ NO __  My employer is available to discuss concerns or unmet needs in relation to my dental insurance benefits.

YES __ NO __  I know the differences in indemnity coverage and managed care programs, such as preferred provider organizations, dental care service plans, and capitation plans.

YES __ NO __  I have documented and communicated with my employer or union my good and bad experiences with the dental insurance plan.

YES __ NO __  I intend to review my options before it is time to renew my dental insurance plan.

YES __ NO __  I talk and compare notes with co-workers, friends, family and my benefits manager because I know that no company wants to pay for dental insurance coverage that is not benefiting its employees.

A majority of “yes” answers probably means you are getting the most from your dental insurance coverage. Too many “no” answers mean changes are needed to your current Dental Insurance Policy.

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