Renters Insurance Policy Quote – Why You Need One

Renters Insurance Quote
Just because you don’t own the property you are occupying doesn’t mean you don’t need Renters Insurance. Renters Insurance is offered for anyone who rents a home; be it a house, town home, condominium or an apartment. So long as you do not own the property you are occupying you are eligible for a Renter’s Insurance Policy.

If you are living in a rented house then you have to opt for a separate renters insurance policy to cover your personal belongings and vital assets inside the rented condo/apartment. Your landlord possesses a home insurance that covers only the home but not the belongings/possessions of his/her tenants, thus you’ll need a viable renters insurance quote from an Insurance company that supplies renter’s insurance. A Renter’s Insurance Plan ensures protection to your belongings. Liability protection is an additional benefit offered by with most standard renter’s insurance policies.

It is always wise to consult your insurance agent beforehand to know the exact limits of your renter’s insurance policies so that you have adequate renters insurance coverage and can claim the required amount.

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Reasons why you should consider Buying Renters Insurance:

  • A Renter’s Insurance Policy can provide protection for your personal property against such dangers as fire, theft and vandalism.
  • Renter’s Insurance is surprisingly inexpensive. Get a free online quote and see for yourself.
  • You could be held responsible for injury to another person or for damage to another person’s property if an incident occurred within your rented residence if you are not covered with a renter’s insurance policy.
  • Renter’s Insurance will help protect you in case of such a liability lawsuit against you.
  • You could be eligible for premium discounts on both renters and auto insurance when you purchase a Renter’s Insurance Policy from the same insurance provider.
  • Most providers are flexible, and allow you to select renter’s insurance coverage and insurance amounts that suit your needs.

Get an idea about the advantages of replacement cost policies and actual cash value coverage. The former gives you more protection than the latter.

To simplify your renter’s insurance claims, always make an inventory list of all the objects and personal assets that you want to protect inside your own/rented home. Make special mention to your renter’s insurance agent about expensive and valuable assets such as jewelry, electronic goods, antiques, etc.

If you want to Lower your Annual Renter’s Insurance Premiums:

> Increase the renters insurance deductible.

> Ask your renters insurance agent about the different types of renters insurance discounts such as discounts for installing fire/smoke/burglar alarms, etc. or discounts to aged and retired policy holders and so on.

> Maintain a good credit history to save on your renters insurance.

To provide extra renters insurance coverage for items such as jewelry, computers, antique pieces, art collectibles, expensive electronic items, etc. in your home you will have to pay extra premium that will help you buy endorsements that enhance the coverage on these items. You can also opt for personal umbrella liability insurance for extra renters insurance coverage.

So select the right kind of Renter’s Insurance and secure your home and all your personal belongings for life.

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