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Travel Insurance is provided to allow you a worry free traveling experience. Emergencies occur even to the most prepared traveler. Travel Insurance provides insurance coverage for a range of mishaps, which could likely occur on your next journey.

>>Travel Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage damage, and much more.
Mishaps include, lost and/or stolen luggage, medical issues, various legal expenses and cancellation and/or shortening of holiday. A good travel insurance (quote) will be required to prevent such financial loss. A wide range of travel insurance coverage is offered so you can travel worry-free and know that you are protected with travel insurance. Shop with us. We will provide you with various Travel Insurance Quotes from Travel Insurance providers for free.

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Here are some things you should Consider when Selecting a Travel Insurance Policy:

  • The Travel Insurance offered by most travel agents is unlikely to be the best deal and best travel insurance available, as they most often only offer travel insurance policies from one insurer.
  • Check the travel insurance policy that you are considering, to guarantee that there is adequate travel insurance coverage for: medical expenses, personal liability, cancellation and shortening of trip, personal accident, legal expenses and loss of personal belongings.
  • Assess the level of travel insurance coverage you need. Take into account your personal circumstances when buying travel insurance and what type of travel you are undertaking.
  • Check the exact details of the Travel Insurance Policy you are purchasing, especially the exclusions (things not covered). If you are taking an expensive item, will the single item insurance be sufficient to cover it?
  • Check your house contents policy to see what covers it offers for the items, which are outside of the home.
  • Most Travel Insurance Policies require that you accept an initial expense (i.e. you will have to pay the first portion of any claim) and a restriction on the amount you can claim in the case of loss or damage to a single item.

Five Ways to Save Money when Purchasing Travel Insurance:

1. Check your house contents insurance policy. If you already have ‘personal possessions’ or ‘all risks’ cover, i.e. your belongings are insured against loss, theft or damage outside the home you should be able to exclude this coverage from your Travel Insurance Policy.

2. If you take more than one foreign holiday a year an annual travel insurance policy will save you time and money. It’s cheaper than buying a separate travel insurance policy for each trip. However the majority of holiday insurance providers will not accept anyone over 65 for an annual or multi-trip policy.

3. Some gold credit cards or current accounts provide travel insurance as a perk. However check the travel insurance policy to make sure it provides the coverage you need. Be wary of the free travel insurance — often it pays out only if you’re injured as a result of an accident.

4. For holidays in Europe, it’s worth picking up an E111 form from the post office before you go. It entitles you to free emergency medical treatment in any of the countries listed on the back of the form. Many insurers don’t make you pay the `excess’ (the first £30, say) on a medical expenses claim if you’ve used the E111 scheme to meet some of the cost of treatment.

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Issues to Consider when Purchasing Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurers can refuse to cover medical expenses abroad if the treatment is for a “pre-existing” medical condition. This includes any ongoing medical condition (i.e. diabetes) or a condition you’ve lead in the past, even if you’ve made a full recovery. If you’re not asked about your medical history, volunteer the information when you buy the Travel Insurance Policy, however irrelevant it may seem. Some insurers will cover you but may charge an extra premium on your travel insurance policy.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Questions, which you Will be Asked at the Time of Purchase:

1. Are you aware of any reasons why the trip could be cancelled or curtailed or of any medical condition, which could result in a claim?

2. Have you, during the twelve months before the insurance started, suffered from any chronic or recurring illness?

3. Are you awaiting the results of medical tests or investigations for an existing condition?

4. Will you be traveling against the advice of a doctor or in order to obtain medical treatment abroad?

5. Have you been diagnosed as having terminal illness?

6. Are you receiving, recovering from, or on a waiting list for in-patient treatment in a hospital or nursing home?

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